Intermittent Fasting Program Review

ESE is the best book and program I’ve found on healthy fasting. All you have to do is fast for 1-2 times a week for a specific period of time

This is far easier to follow than other intermittent fasting programs which advise you to fast every day or every second day.

The author, Brad Pilon, writes clearly. He explains the science behind healthy intermittent fasting so anyone can understand it. He has researched and personally tested this method thoroughly. The research impresses me. At this point, with everything that I have learned and continue to learn about health I don’t impress easily so that’s very … impressive šŸ™‚

How Does It Work?

Does Intermittent Fasting work? Short-term fasts go straight to the key of weight loss: CALORIE REDUCTION. In this case, it’s calorieĀ elimination because you don’t eat anything for a specific period of time. Only non-caloric beverages are permitted.

Short-term fasts have incredible health benefits. For example:

– lower insulin levels

– increase in growth hormone levels – growth hormone is often referred to as the ‘youth hormone’

– increase in fat burning enyzmes – body fat is more targeted Ā  than it is with standard dieting – yes, you will lose more fat during a short-term fast than you will by cutting the same number of calories spread over several days.

– increased energy, both mental and physical – thanks in part to increased noradrenaline and NO increase in cortisol (high cortisol may contribute to fat gain in the belly area in particular)

With this way of eating (okay, not eating) you can achieve the same fat loss in 1-2 days a week that would otherwise take a week or more with standard dieting.

The human body adapts to short-term fasting quickly. After a few fasts you may find that feelings of hunger totally disappear. Strange but true.

No matter what kinds of foods you eat, ESE can work. It’s *very* flexible. If you overindulge occasionally (who doesn’t?) you can simply fast in the next few days and take care of it *quickly*.

My Results?

It’s a relief to not be thinking about my next meal all the time which is where I’m at with most other diets. I can lose 1-2 lbs a week quickly and easily if I need to, or just maintain my weight.

Keeping my diet the same the rest of the time, as the author advises, and doing resistance training during the week guarantees success.

After only two weeks of following the guidelines in ESE I was noticeably leaner. I did not lose muscle tone. My energy levels and mental clarity on fasting days is very good – two of the long lists of benefits of healthy intermittent fasting. I’m happy with my results and the simplicity of this program.


Pretty much none. Sometimes the sales site is a bit too sales-y for my taste (it is updated regularly), but the content of the book and quality of the research behind it is impressive so don’t let that put you off.


This program receives my highest recommendation and rating. I hope that more people with try it instead of wasting their money and time on diets that are only good for short-term results, not long-term success.