Let your kids creativity shine with these summer painting projects

Paints are not just for adults. There are many different kinds of paints and different summer painting projects that kids can help with or do all by themselves.

Make your own paints

Most parents are aware that finger paints can be made, but that is only the beginning.  Children can even make their own water colors and puffy paints. FresnoFamily is one of the best places to find any kind of paint that can be made at home for kids.

The  bedroom

It is always a good time to clean and update a kid’s bedroom in the summer. After a good base coat, give the children some sponges and let them decorate the walls with a sponge finish. There is no real skill needed and it is hard to mess up sponging.  The kids can be proud of what they created in their room.

Remember Tom Sawyer

Whitewashing or painting a fence it a great job for kids. One year the neighbors went from a white picket fence to a crayon fence. They only kept it for a year, but for that year the kids had a great project that they loved.  It was bright, fun, and definitely said “Kids rule here.”

Bath paints

Bath time is supposed to be fun and relaxing, so make some kid friendly bath paints. The good news is when the kids are put to bed after the bath, the paints actually help with cleaning the bathtub. Anything that makes cleaning easier is a good thing

Terracotta pots

Flowers are a fun part of summer and kids are great designers for planters and pots. Let them be creative and then watch the flowers, herbs or vegetables grow right in the pots they painted.  Display their work with pride.

Fabric paints

An ordinary shirt or pair of jeans becomes a canvas with fabric paints. They can use transfer pens and coloring books for patterns, or freehand. It is a good way to pass the afternoon and have something useful.

Wicker chairs

Wicker chairs can be given a good base coat of white and then the kids can go to work. Let them use fruits and vegetables as stencils and see what they can create. Set up stencils so they can simply apply paint everywhere. Then when the stencils and papers are removed they will be amazed at the things they have it created. It is a little bit of magic.

Don’t be afraid to add a little paint into the summer fun time projects.  It is fun for everyone.