What Causes A Double Chin?

If you are upset at looking at your double chin in the mirror every day, you might be wondering “Why me?”. While it’s little comfort knowing you’re not alone, once you know the common causes, you can address them with some double chin exercises and simple diet changes to fix the problem.

Let’s attack the elephant in the room first – can a double chin be caused by genetics? The simple answer is… it’s possible. Thing is there isn’t much you can really do to change your genetic makeup. But you can take precautions. If there’s a history of people in your family having a double chin, then there’s a good chance you’ll be prone to the same thing.

That means it’s a good idea not to wait too long before you start being careful with your diet and doing some kind of exercises, because it’s much easier to nip the problem in the bud than waiting until you’ve developed a double chin and then trying to get rid of it.

What About Posture?

One of the biggest factors in getting rid of a double chin is related to your posture and how you hold yourself. You can see the difference when you look at the tabloid favorites, singers and movie stars when they walk down the red carpet. You’ll notice they always have specific poses they’ve perfected for when they are in front of the cameras. That lets them show off their best angles in every picture.

The habit of having bad posture is hard to get out of. All habits are hard to break. But it’s like regularly practicing your double chin exercises, if you are consciously aware of how you are sitting or standing, and start to correct your posture every time you remember to, you can minimize the size and definition of your chin quite well.

Of Course, Weight Is A Factor

While not everyone who struggles with a double chin is overweight, it can be a big factor for many of us. And unfortunately, sometimes your chin seems to be the first place those extra inches start to make their appearance. And it’s not like everyone who’s carrying extra weight has a double chin either. But if you do have a few extra pounds you could get rid of, starting a program of exercises and eating a lower fat, higher protein diet can work wonders for your appearance and your entire well being.

It doesn’t really matter what has caused your double chin, there are ways you can avoid cosmetic surgery if you’re happy to take the simple steps needed to get rid of the problem once and for all.