There is no ‘End Stage’ to COPD

Right attitude is the treatment

A number of respiratory and drug therapies can be given to provide relief to the patient,  so instead of losing hope, fight the disease. There is no defacto end stage to this COPD disease. This is a derogatory term coined by doctors, it not only demotivates patients and also causes useless agony and stress within patients. End stage is in your hands, it is dependent on your attitude. End stage is when you quit on your life, family and friends. When you lose hope in the treatment and other measures to battle the disease.

So don’t lose hope if you are diagnosed of COPD, as blue bloater and pink puffer, instead adopt a healthy lifestyle and with proper medical help and treatment you can surely improve your quality of life. No one can state a death date in advance, but what you can do is improve your quality of life with the right attitude and care.

You can also take some preventive measures to overcome and lessen the problem associated with this disease. You can avoid contaminated air and wear a mask when sitting or when walking on the street. Use oxygen when required and always stay in touch with your doctor and update him/her about your conditions. Also get flu shots to reduce the possibility of getting influenza or severe cough as this can aggravate your condition. Also avoid the company of people who smoke, never take smoking seats in the restaurant even if you have to wait.

You might face shortness of breath and might have to be hospitalized and kept on ventilators and given constant oxygen, but don’t let this dishearten you, as you have to fight it out. Death is the most inevitable  and predictable thing in life but when will it happen no one knows, so if you have COPD, live with it, battle it and control it to whatever extent possible, don’t lose hope.

Fight the disease with right attitude

When you are encountered with the fact that you have COPD, the first thing that you have to do is stay calm and look for treatment options instead of losing hope and getting depressed. The fact that this disease is diagnosed in mid life should not cause you to give up on the life that you have ahead. One can practice various breathing methods along with the conventional medication to ease off your stress and lungs. You can join a support group or COPD blog to discuss your life with other COPD patients and get motivated from them.