Sore throat: A state of pain

Sore throat leads to a state of pain and discomfort in which it hurts to swallow anything. They are very common in children. Though this condition can easily be treated through simple remedies, the time it stays for is frustrating and painful. Mostly when one is suffering from throat pain it is the worst in the morning and as the day passes, it gets better slowly. Throat irritation is a problem which every one of us faces several times during a season.

What we do not realize are the reasons that are causing such issues to happen repeatedly with us. Every season brings along its own viruses with it, these viruses are one of the main reason of sore throat. Most of us use home remedies to cure ourselves from this infection. Sometimes these remedies are very effective while at other times it might take much longer to cure our pain. Using mango bark is one of the most common options.

Causes and reasons:

1. Most of the children breathe through their mouth; this mostly produces dryness and can cause soreness in the throat leading to sore throat.

2. Bacteria may also cause it. Sore throat because of this reason is mostly found in young adults and in children.

3. One of the side effects while treating the throat for any infection is developing it afterwards.

4. If anyone is ill for more than 14 days, that illness may cause sore throat.

5. Some viral infections also cause this condition. These infections include influenza, pansinusitis, measles and chickenpox.

6. Some of us have allergies. These allergies may cause too. These allergies may include allergy to any pet, dust allergy, pollen allergy.

7. Air pollution may cause irritation and because of that irritation, sore throat is likely to happen to anyone.

8. Some of us may strain a muscle in the throat. It sounds a bit strange but a strain in the throat muscle is similar to the strains in the muscles of our arms or legs.

9. Smoking is very common in young generation nowadays. This excessive smoking can cause sore throat and to cure this, the best solution is to quit smoking. Smoking not only causes sore throat but can also lead to other health problems.

Many people use different medical treatments and various herbal medicines to cure themselves from sore throat. Some people use natural remedies to cure themselves from sore throat. Everyone has his/ her own way of curing themselves but the best way to cure your throat is to keep yourself self safe from the list mentioned above. If you try being more cautious, you are likely to reduce the risk of having a sore throat. You also need to change your course of diet otherwise it would only ignite the pain in your throat further.