Nail Fungus Treatment that work

Nail Fungus is an infection that is caused by micro organisms and can infect both fingernails and toenails.If left untreated it can be very hard to treat and can cause pain in the infected area and the infection can also spread to other nails.By using a Nail Fungus Treatment you can help prevent any further damage to your nails and heal the infection.It can be hard to treat as the infection starts under the nail,use a treatment that can soak through the nails.

What causes Nail Fungus?
-Small cuts in the skin caused by wearing tight fitted shoes or by cutting your nails too short.
-If your feet are damp for long periods
-Don’t wear shoes that are damp, allow your shoes to dry out before wearing them again
-A split within the nail

What are some common symptoms of Nail Fungus.
-Your nails are brittle
-Your toenail changes color, usually yellow or brown
-Your toenails are painful when wearing shoes
-They are thick
-The nail has separated from the nail bed
-Bad odour coming from your nails

What Ingredients you should look out for.

The ingredients you should look out for in any Nail Fungus Treatment is very important.Always use natural ingredients to prevent any serious side effects or reactions.Below are some natural ingredients that can help clear Nail Fungus.

Almond Oil

Almond Oil can be absorbed through your nails very quickly and will help moisturize the infected area.It will not irritate your skin or give you any allergic reactions.

Tea Tree Oil.

Tea Tree Oil can help promote healthy nails.It is a powerful antiseptic and can be found growing in Australia from the Melaleuca Tree.Do not take this internally as it can cause severe reactions.Always dilute it with water to prevent any skin rashes or irritation to occur.

Lavender Oil.

Lavender Oil can help fight the infection and also prevent any irritation that may occur.

Olive Leaf Extract.

Olive Leaf Extract is an anti bacterial,anti viral and anti fungal.It can be taken internally and also externally to help clear up the infection.

Apple Cider Vinegar.

Apple Cider Vinegar has been shown to help treat Nail Fungus.Dilute the vinegar with water of equal proportions and soak your nails for at least 20 minutes, this can be done twice a day until the infection is cured.

A Nail Fungus Treatment that can be used to treat this infection is Zeta Clear which only uses natural ingredients and can clear up an infection within weeks. This treatment is very strong against nail fungus and this is why it is so effective.


I’ve had nail fungus many years ago and it is certainly not a good experience. After I have acquired it while on vacation, it became a major ordeal for me because of the discomfort it induces. I took toenail fungus medications for several months without thinking about the risks. But, after some time, I experienced side effects like lightheadedness and shortness of breath. I mentioned this to a friend at one point and she told me to discard the medications and make use of a liquid treatment

called Fungisil instead. I find it really effective because after just two weeks of application, my nail shows great improvement.