Marijuana can be a dangerous drug when it is combined with motorized vehicles or heavy machinery. This is because it can impair judgment and it can deplete the motor skills of the individual. In order to protect themselves, their employees and their property, many companies require the potential employee to be tested for marijuana in the urine. The tests indicate if there is marijuana and other drugs in the body. These tests can indicate drug usage months after it occurs. The marijuana in urine tests can even be done in the home as well.

Marijuana can easily impair a person’s ability to operate heavy machinery, including forklifts, automobiles and other machines. That’s  why so many people want to know how long does LSD stay in the system. The machinery often requires a lot of extra work and extra dexterity to run. Marijuana can decrease the dexterity and it will reduce the person’s ability to rationalize appropriately, decreasing the chances of a smart decision being made. The marijuana in urine is not necessarily the cause for the lack of thought when working these items. Since there are no current ways to determine if one is high or not, it is the most effective method to determining the chances of marijuana causing the problems.

The marijuana is so dangerous because it affects the motor skills and the judgment skills of the person who uses them. The marijuana affects the alpha waves in the brain. This change in the alpha waves causes the person to be more susceptible to suggestion that he normally would be. The marijuana also affects the person’s motor skills by slowing down the alpha waves that indicate the person’s surroundings and the nerve responses between what the brain says and what the body does. As with the person’s working ability, the marijuana in urine findings do not necessarily mean that the person is high when a problem occurred, but it does show that the use of marijuana has occurred. Determining if a person is currently high is not yet possible, although tests for this could be designed.