How Long do Hemorrhoids Last?

There is no clear time frame about how long hemorrhoids last. Every case varies based on each individual and not every suffered can speed up healing or get cure with counter top medications.

Hemorrhoid sufferers always ask this question, how long does it last. This is because they want to get relieved from the discomfort and pain. The appropriate answer is it varies from person to person. There are many more factors influencing this answer, varying from overweight to pregnant and many more.

Time Taken by Hemorrhoids to Cure

  • First time sufferers of hemorrhoids are expected to have advantage as many have faced this problem earlier. It will heal quickly and react to treatment instantly. This takes nearly 3 days on an average to cure. When hemorrhoids are not very serious, they clear up naturally.
  • In case, you already have faced this earlier, the time duration will be slightly longer than earlier occurrence. Even in bad cases it can last for months or weeks. It may run to months if the person has neglected the pain in its first stage considering it to vanish on its own. It is best to cure hemorrhoids immediately in the first attack so that you get back to normal.
  • In worse cases, intervention of surgery becomes inevitable. This happens if the treatment options are ineffective. Surgery is considered if you wish to act sooner. Once the hemorrhoids progress, they are stubborn to eliminate and end up in surgery.
  • Unexpected attack may also happen due to some drugs that make your stools hard to pass. These types take the standard healing time and cure in a week or two.

There are over the counter ointments available that is very effective such as witch hazel. This can also be purchased from pharmacies. In fact, there are excellent cures available on the web. The treatment and the time to cure varies on all sufferers, before your get right. How long do hemorrhoids last can be best answered as the earlier you seek medical attention and act, sooner are the chances of clearing and preventing serious occurrences.