Effective Ringing In Ears Treatment

Are you looking for an effective ringing in ears treatment? This condition is also known as tinnitus which causes ringing or sounds in the inner ear. It is a very common condition and studies have shown that 1 in 5 of the population will get diagnosed as having tinnitus. It is important to know what caused this condition as it can help with treatment and ultimately curing your condition. Many people who get this condition are the elderly which make up 33% of the population who get tinnitus.The main causes are:

– damage to the nerves in the inner ear
– long term use of prescription medicine such as aspirin or anti inflammatory medication
– build up of wax in the inner ear
– a rupture or hole in the ear drum or retracted eardrum
– hearing loss can trigger this condition
– jaw joint disorders such as TMJ
– high blood cholesterol
– exposure to loud noises over a long period of time

Once you know what caused your symptoms you can begin to treat it with natural and herbal remedies which I will discuss below. You will need to understand that tinnitus is a symptom of a medical condition and it can be treated. Natural remedies are often used to treat this condition because most over the counter medications can cause unwanted side effects. Here are some natural remedies that you can try to see which one works best for you.

Vitamins and minerals such as magnesium, zinc, B vitamins and Ginkgo Biloba have shown to be quite effective. This herb has been found to be beneficial for the nervous system and has powerful antioxidant effects. All these vitamins and herbs work together to improve blood circulation.

Ringing In Ears Treatment

Having a diet that consists of sea vegetables is also highly beneficial, kelp and seaweeds are high in Vitamin B and have antioxidants as well. These vitamins can also help heal the auditory nerve in the ear, vitamin B3 and B6 is needed to increase blood circulation. Seaweeds also contain other valuable nutrients such as Vitamin A, C and E to help reduce the symptoms of tinnitus.

Make sure you have a healthy diet as a lack of vitamins and minerals can cause this condition and other health problems. By adding garlic and having a balanced diet can help reduce inflammation in the body and especially the area around the ears. Herbal teas made from mistletoe and fenugreek seeds can also be taken everyday to help with symptoms, also ensure that you get enough sleep and drink plenty of water.

If your tinnitus is caused by a build up of wax make sure to clean your ears regularly, if it is caused by exposure to loud noises it is important to wear ear plugs or remove yourself from the area. A ringing in ears treatment does work but you must be patient as there is a long recovery, do not expect instant results as the inner ear needs time to heal. You can also try homeopathic remedies like essential oils of lemon, rose or cypress and put them in a vaporizer and diffuser. Before taking any herbs talk to your doctor as some may interact with some of your medication.