Comments on Bob’s insider look at The Biggest Loser gym

1. I have watched your show from the beginning. I have started the diet every season and on a Tuesday and have failed every time. My son (19) passed from a heart attack this Jan. and he always did the diet with me and so there I had competition until he was tired of it then of course I stopped but this Feb after losing my son I woke up On the 4th(a Monday) and said today is the day and I have lost 78 lbs in 7 months and still going so I thank God and the biggest loser for helping me become smaller and diabetic free. After three weeks into my diet my sugar has been normal and haven’t taken any pills. My son is with me everyday and is my competition so I know when I am upset for not losing 5lbs. in a week I feel that tug on my shirt that says but look how much you have lost and I keep going. I had a bad month and gained 8 lbs back and I am back on track so don’t think it is easy because it’s not and if you feel that you can’t look at yourself in the mirror and say I will not go back.(I have a pic of me on my mirror & fridge to remind how far I have come). Thanks GOD, my SON & the BIGGEST LOSER

2. I have bad knees and also have arthritis in them. I’m 46 yrs old. I have been losing weight since January. I didn’t need to lose a lot just like 30lbs. I wanted to do this for me. My main concern was my heart and my knees. I have a a personal trainer and she told me what to watch out for when buying food. I’m doing this slowly but I want to keep on this quest till January( my 1 yr anniversary of starting) . I have one problem that keeps haunting me and that is I hate to excessive and I want do it but it bores me and I cant get started. Can anyone motivate me please.

3. I have tried every thing. Back n 2oo2 i lost 30 pounds going down to 150 pounds, then I continued to walk and lost a dress each year. In 2004 I got pregnant, gaining 50 pounds, then I had another one in 2005 gaining another 30 pounds. i now weigh 170 pounds. I can’t shake off the weight. I walk anywhere between 3 to 5 days a wee. I don’t over eat and i don’t drink pop. I do drink miller lite high life though and that is my down fall I know. I don’t know what to do. what advice can you give me. how long do you think I should walk? I can say that i actually lost, just recently 7 pounds from walking and cutting down the food portion.That really makes me feel good.My hopes is to get back to the way i was.