Sexuality is an important part of human life and play very important role in his life. Love, emotion, affection are play a beautiful role in loving and healthy relationship. So we should care our health, because healthy person can enjoy his life. The most important factor in bringing about a healthy, safe and enjoyable sex life is education and communication. The sexuality is related to emotion, mental and physical activity and psychological experience. Sexual health requires a positive, respectful approach to sexuality and sexual relationships. Your emotion and feelings about your partner affect your sexual relationship. Your positive feeling affect your sexual enjoyment.

Women Sexual Problem

Women’s handle her sexual life very broadly. She takes interest in her sexual life. Women’s sexual experience is affected by age differences, age, hormonal changes, condition of her life and healthy life.

A sexual problem or sexual dysfunction is a common in men and women, but mainly in women that create disturbance with a woman’s satisfaction with a sexual activity. In a survey of men and women that sexual problem is common in 43% of women and 31% of men. Sexual problem is improvable, so it is very important to discuss your partner and doctor without any hesitation.

If you want understand sexual problem firstly understand the sexual response cycle. Sexual problem has four stage- Desire (excitement), Arousal (plateau), orgasm (climax), and resolution.

Causes of Sexual Problem

Sexual problem may have physical and psychological causes.

Physical causes: Physical conditions and medical condition can cause sexual problems. These include condition like diabetes, heart disease, imbalance of hormonal, nerve disorder, alcoholism, Neurological disorders, Menopause.

Psychological causes: causes may include depression, work related stress and anxiety, concern about marriage or sexual relationship, the effect if a past sexual trauma.