Increase Your Vertical Jump

First off, before you do any kind of workouts, be sure you run for about half a mile and get your body warm because it helps a lot more if you start off warm, and it also reduces the risk of injury.

What I recommend after running is to stretch. It can just be a few stretches or it can be a very long session (I usually stretch for a long time but I’m very flexible and I enjoy it).

After stretching, you should start off with calf raises also known as toe raises. It is better to do these on an elevated surface just like a piece of wood so you can get a little more work done on each raise. You should start these off without weights just so you know what the burn feels like and how much your legs can handle. Start off with sets of 50 then slowly work your way up to around 250 (don’t go over 250 unless you stretch for literally an hour afterwards or else you will be very tight and it will be hard to walk).

After calf raises, you should do any kind of ab workout. I recommend crunches over anything else because they are quick and they aren’t rough on your back. Do as many as possible without stopping and when you can’t do anymore, wait a few minutes, drink some water, and then repeat as many times as you want.

The next workout will look pretty stupid doing, but it helps if you do it a lot. All you do is stand up then spread your legs a little farther than shoulder length, than go into a squatting position. When doing a normal squat, you don’t go past parallel with your legs, but that is because you normally have a few hundred pounds on your shoulders. When doing these, go down as far as possible, then explode upwards and get as high off the ground as possible. Be sure to go slow when going down because you don’t want to pull anything.

After that, I recommend repeating the cycle a few times and get a really good workout in. My workouts usually last a little more than 2 hours but that is the kind of time you need to put into your workout for it to have the best effects. Always remember to stay hydrated and stretch often!