How Soon Can You Take a Pregnancy Test

When a women become new mommy may have this question”How soon can you take a pregnancy test” since it can be you first time to take it. Here you will find clues which can give you information how to take the test. When women which one have been married, planning to start new a small family, she realize that she misses her periods and have chance a get pregnant. If you start home pregnancy test, you need to understand the simple principle. There are several indication which may show a pregnancy. Women’s urine contains the Hormone Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG). This hormone is only found in the body of a pregnant woman, it was made by placenta soon after conception and because of the growth of placental tissue. The hcG which will indicates result for pregnancy when use a home pregnancy test, either pregnancy test are positive or negative.

I know some women thinking “how soon can I take a pregnancy test” when she want to get pregnant. My tips : Don’t do a pregnancy test in early time to avoid inaccurate result.

Accuracy of Pregnancy Tests Result

A home pregnancy test is recommended to use after you missed period on first day, many doctor have suggested it. Generally it can take about two weeks after conception. But it some case, there are also can take earlier. Accuracy of the results will depend If a pregnancy test detects increased levels of the hormone HCG in the urine, then the pregnancy test kit will indicate the occurrence of pregnancy or a positive test result.

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) is detected by home test kit, normally at 50 mIU – 100 mIU. But it’s more sensitive when it detects 20mIU/ml than 50 – 100 mIU. With this standard kit high sensitivity means to earliest signs of pregnancy. This why you can start testing effectively as soon as 8 days soon after conception.

Tips : Make sure follow the instruction before you use the kit. For best result, take the test in first morning urine, cause this urine has most concentrated level of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin.

Pregnancy test becomes important when you know how to use how and when to use it. Do test with correct instruction can give you an accurate result, it can reach 97%. Remember this result only happen it you know how to use pregnancy test kit. In every tester have guide line how to use it, read how to use it. How the accuracy will effect for the testing also depends on concentrate of HGC. When use tester to avoid mistakes, keep in mind that menstruation occurs a few weeks after ovulation. Chances of a false negative isn’t high if you test it when your menstrual cycle is late. It become easier when you keep in mind the recommendation and steps if you want to take the pregnancy test.

How soon can you take a test after ovulation?

Because it depends on sensitivity of pregnancy, you can test for pregnancy when ovulation happen at least after 11 days it. When it comes positive result, this is good news but you still need to have maximized conception intercourse with intercourse in the next day for several times. It is good for you to take a time before doing the test; maybe 2-3 weeks later as level concentrate of HGC can give a good result. This is still the best right way to find out are you pregnant or not. We know in the market there are many pregnancy test can answer your question about your pregnant as soon as 4 days before your period happen.

If your question is how soon can you take a pregnancy test  first you need to choose what test will you  use. EPT kit can be used at home. And if you can follow the instruction you can get best result in short time. Best time to use EPT is in the morning and make sure you test it after your first period.

Actually how soon you can take a pregnancy test depend your ovulation occurs. You need to wait after you missed period on first day if you don’t know about when your ovulation occurs, since many doctor have suggested it. Levels of the hormone HCG in the urine also become an important key to answer your question are you pregnant or not. Because it will answer question How soon can you take a pregnancy test?