Blake Lively joins countless celebs who claim they eat garbage and don’t work out

We all know that stars have access to stylists, personal trainers, private gyms and personal chefs, but “Gossip Girl” star Blake Lively claims she has no use for them. She’s said before that she dresses herself, but now Lively says she puts no time or energy into looking good. “I do panic before I have to wear a really skimpy outfit, but I don’t have enough willpower,” says Lively in UK Glamour. “I had to do a scene in a bra and shorts for the first time in two years. On the day of the shoot, I ate a pork burrito, chips and coke. Afterwards, I thought, ‘I probably shouldn’t have done that.’ But whatever.”

Do you really expect us to believe that? You knew you were stripping down, and still stuffed your face? Yeah right. To make matters worse, Lively claims she also does not exercise. “I have never worked out, but I know you feel better when you do, so I am planning on getting a trainer.” On-screen Serena van der Woodsen is a high school girl, but off-screen Blake Lively is a young actress who relies strongly on her looks. If she isn’t hitting the gym yet and solely relying on a speedy metabolism and good genes, well, consider us jealous. But then again, she did once say that she was at her healthiest after dropping “serious” weight to play a bulimic beauty queen…

Either way, can we get past these “I’m a gorgeous celebrity, but I just get out of bed and look like this with no effort” stories? We don’t believe them and we don’t wanna hear it anymore.

Do you think celebrities lie and say they eat bad foods and don’t work out, but actually bust their butts at the gym?

Review 1:

She’s also super young. If you have a problem with it, then you are just jealous. I’m the same way. I don’t diet, and I do not have an exercise routine, and yet I manage to look fit. And I have had two children. When people get jealous of me, it annoys me. You have no idea what other troubles a person goes through in life. It really doesn’t matter how you look on the outside and you shouldn’t be jealous of the people who do look great.

Review 2:

Well, I don’t work out, either, and I’m 5’7″ and 113 lbs. It’s all natural. I do lead an active lifestyle, but I don’t formally hit the gym. Some people just have it like that, the way some people can get a tan and I can’t. I eat what I want, and I definitely have my junk food cravings (which I generally give in to), but I also eat a pretty balanced diet. It’s all in a person’s build, and I have a small frame and fast metabolism. I was made fun of for my entire adolescence, and now I’ve got the body that people strive for. Karma’s a bi*ch, but I try not to be too smug (not always successfully, I admit).