Let’s talk about caffeine….
(now don’t stare at that coffee mug in front of you, and decide to bail out of this page.. i’m just listing some info..)

Some wonderful facts…. caffeine is not “bad” for you. . . if used in moderation!
… I mean, seriously.. Too Much of ANYTHING is bad for you!

Here are some facts.. and also some great alternatives.

Caffeine from coffee and energy drinks… these 2 are looked at as bad, because they process through your body very quickly, so in turn you feel that energy rush right away… however, you feel that energy “crash” too.

You may have heard that Teas are a better bet…
Truth is… They are!
The reason being that even though teas contain caffeine, they also contain polyphenols (antioxidant), which help slow the process of caffeine through the body. They also have been noted to help prevent certain cancers.
With teas, you get a longer energy curve, without the crash, and you get added health benefits.
If you feel like you can’t get rid of coffee, because you love the flavor, there are ways to mix loose leaf teas, such as a Mate and Rooibos tea, that will give you that same rich flavor, where you can still add a creamer and natural sugar (if you must).

If you are a coffee-fiend just for the needed morning “pick-me-up”, there are many healthier alternatives. Here are a few:
1) Have an apple instead
– it has been proven that having an apple in the morning, instead of that cup of coffee, will wake you
just as well.
2)  Have cold water with lemon in it
– Water and lemon first thing in the morning, followed by ten minutes of bouncing, will not only
wake you, but will also cleanse your liver. (I know it sounds nuts.. but the lemon helps ‘flush’ the liver
and bouncing or dancing in place creates oxygen flow)
3) Stretch!

– That’s right… stretching will help wake you. If you give yourself twenty minutes every morning, to stretch before rushing off to work (or wherever you need to go), you will start your day more relaxed          and alert. Stretching brings oxygen into the muscles, and proper breathing, will allow your brain to get
ample O2 and CO2.

That’s it for now..
Cheers to Health.. and have a great day!