I Love Synchronicity!

I’ve only just got started with 10,000 Thoughts and already have experienced some lovely synchronicities! Maybe it’s the angels using this site to leave me a trail of breadcrumbs in the form of keywords in the intentions and postings on this site to keep pulling me forwards towards my goals. Background Information: I posted this […]

New No-Fad Diet Book from AHA

Tired of all the over-hyped fad diets that seem to work for a while, then don’t? In answer to that the American Heart Association has published a No-Fad Diet book that promises a “no-nonsense approach to weight control will show you how to personalize your weight-loss plan to fit your lifestyle and your needs.” The book […]

Tonsil Stones Remedies

Tonsilloliths or tonsil stones are identified at the back of the throat and are made up of yellow-colored or whitish lumps with foul smelling odor. The lumps are gathered items and debris like mucus from the sinus drip, dead tissue, sulfur generating bacteria, residual of enzyme motion on retained food and the likes. Tonsils are […]

How To Get Rid Of Water Weight

Contents that complement “diuresis, ” and also the removing of fluids from the body via urination, are generally considered diuretics. Additionally known because “water drugs, ” natural diuretics could be prescription or non-prescription drugs. They will also work homeopathic therapies or food items that assist with prevent and also treat smooth retention. Far better consult […]